Warriors Eye Historic NRL Game in Las Vegas

The New Zealand Warriors, a team known for their resilience and passionate fanbase, are in preliminary discussions to play a groundbreaking match in Las Vegas in 2025. This potential game, part of the NRL’s American venture, would mark a significant moment for the club and the league.

In 2024, the NRL will embark on its inaugural American journey, starting with a doubleheader at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Given the NRL’s five-year commitment to the city, the Warriors are seen as a prime candidate for future games due to their unique appeal and strong following, particularly among the Pacific Islander communities in the United States.

Warriors’ involvement would not only be a milestone for the club but also a strategic move for the NRL in marketing the sport internationally. The club’s management is evaluating how this game could fit into their schedule, considering the logistical challenges and the impact on the players and staff.

While details are still being finalised, the excitement is palpable among fans, who eagerly anticipate the prospect of supporting their team on the international stage. This match, if confirmed, could also have a positive impact on the travel industry, with fans potentially seeking out hotels in Las Vegas to witness this historic event.


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