Cartoonist finds his voice again in new graphic novel

CARTOONIST DYLAN Horrocks has found his voice again in a new graphic novel, Sam Zabel And The Magic Pen.

Horrocks’ new book is based on his own experience, feeling like he lost his voice while he was working for DC Comics in the US.

He says Magic Pen was him trying to find his voice in his own little world.

“I was trying to find my own voice and style,” he says.

The Auckland based artist started drawing comics when he was young.

He says he doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t drawing comics.

“I’ve always seemed to have done it,” he says.

Since becoming professional almost 30 years ago, Mr Horrocks has written a few graphic novels, a collection of short comics and more.

The main thing Mr Horrocks says he would tell the person he was, when he first began writing comics, is to remember to have fun and to enjoy it.

Mr Horrocks says when he draws he feels at peace, he finds it relaxes him.

“It’s almost like a form of prayer or meditation for me. It just relaxes me,” he says.

About 100 people were at Unity Books in central Wellington last week for a Q&A session and signing with Mr Horrocks.

Dylan Sherwood, assistant manager at Unity Books, says the launch attracted people and brought back memories for him.

“It definitely improved business. I grew up on his books, so it’s great to see him in person too,” says Mr Sherwood.


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