Seating signs cause confusion on buses

BUS users can be forgiven if they are confused by signs for elderly and disable seating in Wellington.

Signs stating that the four seats at the front are for the elderly, disabled and those with young children, but Metlink’s website advises that it is first come, first served.

Bus drivers have received several comments on the confusing signage says a spokesperson for Greater Wellington Regional Council.

“Bus drivers are aware that the area is designed to give priority to passengers with special needs,” she says.

However, the spokesperson says they are not authorised to make passengers vacate a seat for others.

Tymesha Cousins (14) was unaware of the priority seating but says she would definitely give up her seat.

“If someone was sitting in the seats I would think they should give it up,” says the Wellington student.

The spokesperson says the confusion among passengers is unfortunate and she would like to see the same kind of signage as the newer GO Wellington’s buses in the future.

“The newer buses have signs that read: “Priority Seating Area. Please vacate these seats for elderly, disabled passengers or parents with small children.”

Retired resident, Tommy Harr (65) thinks it is a good idea: “It creates a better service.”

Although the signs have been confusing for passengers Metlink has not received any specific complaints on the topic.

Amanda Jones (40), above, believes priority seating is a great idea as long as pregnant women are included.

“I would hope I wouldn’t sit in the seats to begin with but if I did I would most likely give it up.”

Nicole Lay (20) was not so sure.

“I’ll sit there if there’s no one there. If a disabled [person] came on I would stand up maybe.”


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